SME Innovation Lab

Innovation is not just a matter of getting the right people in the room, adding some post-its and beers to the mix, and hoping for the best.

A good ideation session is hard work! It is a structured process of guiding the right people through several carefully designed exercises to come up with innovative ideas.

An SME innovation lab is a useful strategy for a business to allow for an outward focus, exploring diverging themes and initiatives. These have the potential to become entirely new sources of value and form new businesses.

A Smart Precinct SME Innovation Lab will inject fresh thinking and facilitate discussion that will challenge your ideas and help to generate new approaches in your Business.

Uncover Hidden Barriers

Improve Efficiency

Team Growth

Spinning Out


Each Growth Lab is tailored to the individual business needs. We bring in relevant, highly experienced people as our brains trust.

Through short, intensive and curated workshops you can unlock ideas to enable your business to take action. Sessions can be half day (3 hours), full day (6 hours) or more. We can also design specific solutions to coincide with operational and board strategy days.

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