Business Resource Toolkit

This Toolkit is a great source of resources that you can use in your start up to build capability and connections. It is continuously evolving so if there is anything that you know that you think could benefit others let us know.


Hubspot CRM : Free tools and start up pricing for managing customers, leads, marketing and operations. (Get Start Up Pricing through Smart Precinct NQ Here. )

Digital Health Check – The Queensland Government Digital Digital Health Check interactive tool to assess your current digital strengths and identify opportunities to add digital capabilities to your business.

Cyber Security Health Check: Your business is an attractive target for cyber criminals. Is it cyber secure? The Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources developed the assessment tool to help improve cyber security skills among Australian small and medium businesses. With the assessment tool, you can; identify the cyber security strengths of your business, understand areas where your business can improve, know how to improve your cyber security and where to find help. The assessment tool asks you questions about how you manage cyber security for your business. Based on your answers, it will determine your current cyber security maturity level.  It will then provide you with guidance on how to improve. You can download this guidance as a PDF, so you can track your progress.


QI Hub  -The QI Hub is the place for Queensland Innovators and Start Ups. Connect with your talented peers and discover collaboration and funding opportunities education and events.


Business Queensland:  The Business Queensland Website is a valuable source of Information,  tools and templates to support businesses to start and run a business.

Business Launchpad: The Business Launchpad saves you time and effort when starting and running a small business. Answer questions about your business to create a profile containing licences and permits from federal, state and local government.

Mental Health Resources:

Owning and running a small business can be challenging. Looking after your mental health and wellbeing is important to be able to work productively and achieve business and personal goals. Find resources to help you recognise red flags that indicate your mental health, or the health of your employees, needs to be prioritised.

Queensland Government Mental Health Resources

Townsville City Council: Mentally Healthy Cities

Grants and Funding

Smart Precinct Grants and Funding Toolkit

In our current climate, a lot of businesses rely on social media platforms for brand awareness. It is so important for business owners to understand effective strategy when it comes to social media marketing to ensure that they are using it to its full advantage. With social media constantly introducing new features, business owners often become bewildered and need extra help. Marketing in the last 20 years has certainly changed, gone are the days that you just booked your yearly space in the Yellow Pages. Consumers are now privy to a lot of different information right from their phones and have the ability to easily search for competitors, so it’s up to businesses to ensure they implement the best social media marketing strategies for their demographic.

It is my belief that people ‘IN’ the business are the best people to market the business on social media platforms, this is why I encourage owners and/or their staff to learn all they can within this space. Staying relevant, staying on brand, staying connected to your consumers is extremely important, marketing has become a digital customer service. I encourage all business owners/managers to ensure they show their face, that they form connection with their audience on social media to develop trust. In our region, people love to support local. We have a very different market from bigger cities. From my experiences consumers like to know who owns the restaurant that they dine at, they appreciate businesses who give back to their community, this all needs to form part of a businesses social media marketing plan.

My point of difference is I actually genuinely ‘give a crap’ about our local business community. I want everyone to be successful in their field and I naturally want to help people as much as I possibly can. Because of the ever evolving nature and changing trends of social media, new ideas and new skillsets are always needed in this space. Photography, videography, graphic design, market research, content creation, content planning, styling, copywriting, consumer awareness, consumer engagement, statistical analysis, there are actually so many elements within social media that are mostly taken for granted.

If I had a magic wand, I would swing it around and ensure that social media for business is viewed in a different light to ensure that everyone valued the service element behind any social media manager or trainer/coach. Anybody transitioning or wanting to work in this space needs to ensure they enter it with the same high values so their work is valued by others.

Townsville has been amazing to my husband and myself, we both started businesses within 12 months of each other, and through putting ourselves out there and growing our networks our businesses have worked. I am Townsville’s biggest cheerleader, there is a lot of opportunity in Townsville, it is a small country City with the big City perks!

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