To make Townsville a great place to start and grow a business.

In turn to grow the North and create a vibrant ecosystem of high-growth companies that are globally competitive and based in North Queensland, Australia.


Northern Australia is critically important to our nation’s security and sovereign supply chains. Townsville and North Queensland is critically important as an Indo pacific gateway. There is genius and innovation in North Queensland in critical areas including defense, technology, agriculture, advanced manufacturing, health, technology to name a few.

Fundamentally, strong resilient and adaptable communities and regions depend on strong resilient and adaptable business communities. New businesses and innovators with great ideas need support infrastructure to help them succeed. Without their success it is proven that many amazing ideas and amazing inventions do not get the traction to commercialisation.

It is important for Northern Queensland, Northern Australia and importantly our local regions to provide opportunities to keep people doing what they love in the regions they love while supporting the larger regional and national interests.

Smart Precinct NQ supports this agenda by providing an ecosystem to support Townsville and North Queensland become a great place to start, run and relocate a business.

Smart Precinct NQ is a Not-for-Profit organisation founded in 2019. Funded by the Townsville City Council and Advance Queensland, our objective is to ensure Townsville and North Queensland was a great place to start and grow a business and provide an environment to support innovation and commercialisation of ideas and support existing businesses to adapt and innovate opportunities at a global scale.


Smart Precinct NQ has a range of services and programs to support businesses depending on where they are in their journey from start-up incubator and accelerator programs, business growth advisory services, investment support, events and supporting with communities to develop opportunities and skills.

Please check out What we do to see how we can help you achieve your agenda. However, developing the North and creating an ecosystem where globally competitive innovation can thrive requires collaboration. We have a saying at Smart Precinct NQ, If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together.