Circular Economy Industry Challenge 

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Welcome to our Circular Economy Industry Challenge page, where innovation meets sustainability!

Thanks to funding from the Queensland Government, Smart Precinct NQ has access to a new grant Fund to activate and develop a minimum of 8 innovative ideas over the period of 2023 and 2024.

This Fund aims to support the development of new innovative ideas, technologies, and prototypes that embody or have the potential to embody the values of circular economy.  

Participating in this program has the potential to make a significant impact, and the challenge you propose as a representative of the industry can play a crucial role in pinpointing and prioritising tangible solutions for actual regional issues.


The Circular Economy Industry Challenge


Explore the transformative concept of a circular economy and discover how your organisation can contribute to a more sustainable future by partnering with innovative teams to solve pressing challenges.


What is Circular Economy?

Circular economy is an innovative approach that aims to minimise waste and maximise resource efficiency. Unlike the traditional linear economy, which follows a “take-make-dispose” model, a circular economy focuses on maintaining the value of products and materials throughout their lifecycle. This approach promotes the reduction of waste, encourages recycling and upcycling, and emphasises the responsible use of resources. By adopting circular principles, businesses can create long-lasting economic, environmental, and social benefits.


Embrace Innovation, Drive Solutions

Are you facing a complex challenge within your industry?

Our Circular Economy Industry Challenge provides a platform for organisations to harness the power of innovation and tap into the creativity of talented teams from various fields. By submitting a challenge, you’re inviting these teams to apply their expertise, fresh perspectives, and ground-breaking ideas to find solutions that align with circular economy principles.


How It Works

  • Identify Your Challenge: Define the challenge your organisation is looking to address. This could involve waste reduction, sustainable material sourcing, product design for longevity, or any other aspect related to the circular economy.
  • Submit Your Challenge: Use our user-friendly submission form to detail your challenge, including its background, scope, and desired outcomes. The more information you provide, the better teams can understand and address your challenge effectively.
  • Engage Innovative Teams: Once your challenge is live, innovative teams from the North Queensland region can review it and express their interest in participating. These teams bring diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table.
  • Collaborative Solution Building: Selected teams will work collaboratively to develop innovative solutions that align with your circular economy goals. Through a structured process, these teams will refine their ideas, iterate on concepts, and present viable solutions.
  • Impactful Results: Witness the power of collaboration as teams present their innovative solutions. You’ll have the opportunity to implement the solutions that best meet your organisation’s needs and values.


Why Participate?

  • Fresh Perspectives: Gain insights from multidisciplinary teams with unique perspectives that can drive innovative solutions.
  • Sustainability: Contribute to a more sustainable future by supporting circular economy principles and reducing waste.
  • Collaboration: Engage with diverse teams and foster collaboration that extends beyond the challenge.
  • Innovation: Leverage the creative thinking and problem-solving skills of talented individuals and teams.
  • Solutions That Matter: Receive well-researched and actionable solutions tailored to your specific challenge.


Join us on the journey to transform industries, solve challenges, and create a positive impact on the planet through circular economy practices. Submit your challenge today and be a catalyst for change. Together, we can shape a more sustainable and prosperous future.


Submit your challenge by clicking here: INDUSTRY CHALLENGE SUBMISSION