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First Wednesday


Regular Meetups

First Wednesday Connect is the Smart Precinct NQ’s monthly meetup event where we bring together 100’s of subject matter experts, developers, investors, founders and entrepeneurs to find opportunities for learning, collaboration and growth.
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North Queensland Software Development Group

A community of software developers and programmers who want to learn new things and share their knowledge.

Are you a software developer living in NQ and wanting to meet others? Want to learn from others how to code?

Come along to our next meetup to connect with fellow developers!

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Social Enterprise Network of Townsville & North QLD

We are an ecosystem with a vision to create opportunities for North Queenslanders to make a positive impact through Social Enterprise that benefits people and planet. Our SENTNQ ecosystem has five themes that guide our actions:

    1. Meaningful Work
    2. Environment
    3. Inclusion
    4. Health
    5. Next Generation

Why get involved?

Good news! You don’t have to be a Social Enterprise to be a part of the network.

​We are welcoming of all types of enterprises and people and working towards this vision through: Connection Networking and Learning Events. People or businesses who become members of the network get access to additional benefits such as: Free Learning, Collaborating on Projects, Free Resources, Free access to social traders certification for first year, and Regional and State Connections & Advocacy.


What is coming up/to look forward to?

  • Events in March/April 2022 (To Be Finalised) on topics such as Legal, Procurement, Social Traders Certification, Circular Economy/Sustainability.
  • Events leading up to the Social Enterprise World Forum in September 2022
  • Social Good Forum (Expected in Townsville in October 2022)
  • Having a regular Social Enterprise Representation in Townsville


What is a Social Enterprise?

  • Social Enterprises are an innovative breed of businesses that exist to create a fairer and more sustainable world.
  • A social enterprise is a business that (QSEC Definition of SE):
    • has social mission embedded in the DNA of the business to directly address social, cultural and environmental needs; rather than indirectly through socially responsible business practices such as corporate philanthropy, equitable wages and environmentally friendly operations.
    • is an enterprise deriving a majority of their revenue through trade of socially and environmentally sustainable products and/or services; rather than through grants, donations or gifts.
    • invests the majority of expenditure and/or profit to fulfil their mission.
  • They operate in all industry sectors of the economy, from facilities management, to catering and hospitality, to business administration to design.
  • There are (mainly) three Social Enterprise impact models:
    • Employment-generating – creates employment and training opportunities for marginalised people.
    • Community need – delivers accessible products and services to meet community needs that are not met by the market.
    • Profit redistribution – donates at least 50% of profits or revenue to charity.

Why is social enterprise so hard to define?

That’s because there is no one way to solve the society’s most difficult issues, and there is no one way to measure the impact of these organisations have when they do. Various organisations have come up with quantifiable definitions to certify and verify businesses claiming to work in the impact space. QSEC embraces all sizes, shapes and purposes with the single aim to empower impact-led businesses to deliver value to the community they serve.

Not a Social Enterprise?

Not sure if you are a Social Enterprise?


Just keen to learn more and build relationships with purpose driven leaders?

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Ricky Esterquest

Regional Champion

P: 0447 574 600

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Stem Hub

A Townsville community hub for all things STEM.

Join us in future events in contribute to the STEM culture in Townsville.


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Investors, Innovators & creators

Have you created a product or service that can benefit others?

Want to learn from others how to manufacture, market or patent your work?

Reach out to connect with fellow innovators and creators, learn some new tricks and get your ideas out to the world.


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